Dance Along is an early childhood dance program for children ages 16 months to 3.5/4 years and the grownups who care for them. These age-appropriate dance classes offer active toddlers and preschoolers an outlet to dance, play and explore movement in a fun and engaging atmosphere while building confidence to participate in a group setting.  Utilizing movement props, parachute play, music, and their imagination, children will develop dance and music skills in a cheerful, nurturing environment while bonding with the adults they love.


“We love the super fun, age appropriate activities that you plan! There is such a great balance between structure and freedom for the kids to explore rhythm and movement as they want! Not to mention the gross motor skills that Eve has developed in just the short time that we’ve been coming! We love Dance Along and are excited to continue dancing with you.”  

-Cristie Beauford, parent

“…the class is well organized and keeps the kids excited throughout the entire 45 minutes because of the variety of activities and interactive music and toys. There is also a great combination of consistency from class to class and new things to help keep the kids engaged and growing. Sonya gets excited every Tuesday morning when I tell her it is time to get dressed for dance.”      

-Svetlana Leeds, parent