About Us

Dance Along was created to address the needs of active toddlers and young pre-school children while providing a fun, encouraging environment in which to explore dance. We recognize that children this young benefit tremendously from having an adult caregiver that they trust participate with them in class. Grownups can model how to participate, provide comfort for timid toddlers, and enjoy special bonding time as they experience the joy of dancing together.

Dance Along classes introduce creative movement through play, music, props, and songs. Utilizing scarves, shakers, parachute, jingle bells and more to engage little ones throughout the program, our classes give children at different stages of physical development a chance to explore dance at their own pace.  Repetition of our class structure and songs provides a comfortable learning environment for toddlers, while new surprises are introduced weekly as well. Our classes develop fundamental movement skills like bending, jumping, turning and stopping while exploring movement concepts such as tempo, levels, and directions. It is the perfect blend of learning and fun for little ones!

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